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Kyle 1 Mr. CHC 2D1/2D2 Tuesday June 10, 2014 Force’s with Bad Luck During world war two, Germany’s leader, Adolf Hitler, decides to break his pact with the Soviet Union and invade. This is one of the major decisions, which in time, helped Germany loose the war. It was also a factor in helping convince the Soviet Union to join the war and fight for the allies. In June 1941 after Germany had taken over most of Europe, Adolf Hitler decides to become greedy. How did Hitler invade the soviet Union, why did he invade the Soviet Union, and how does the novel “Soldier X” by Don Wulffson, describe war to what war was really like. Hitler broke his pact with the Soviet Union for several reasons. One of the main reasons he broke his pact is the fact that Adolf Hitler was a greedy human being and wanted all of Europe and eventually the entire world. Once his attack on Britain failed due to a thick, annoying fog, he decided that he would break his secret pact with the Soviet Union and invade. He becomes too confident and to greedy, “Clearly, no longer was it Lebensraum…show more content…
The battlefield and the trench warfare and living conditions are described as accurately as possible to the extent of our knowledge of world war two. Trench life was not one of the nicest things about the war, “The bunker was one large, long room. The ceiling was of wood slats, the walls of sandbags and heavy beams, and the floor of hard-packed earth. Much of the space was taken up by wooden bunk beds, odds and ends of other furniture, and a potbellied stove. An arrangement of tin cans connected together to form a stovepipe, which disappeared up through a hole in the ceiling. Rain water constantly dribbled down the thing, and there was a pair of muddy pools on the floor. Wet clothing hung everywhere-from the corner posts of bunks and from lines that had been strung up.” (Wulffson page
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