Why Did People Vote for Hitler

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Hitler was a great leader in a horrible way. These days most people believe that Hitler was a nasty person because of the holocaust he created but what did people think about Hitler during his days. Powerful, a person who spoke out his thoughts, which all were good ideas to the Germans and so eventually he climbed up the hierarchy ladder and reached the top and in 1933 he became the Chancellor of Germany. Hitler was strongly against the Treaty of Versailles. He didn’t like the fact that 15% of their land was taken by all the winning countries. He said that it wasn’t right for them not to having an air force and a navy. He believed that it wouldn’t be right for them not to have any defense at all. He was also against that Germany had to return all their land to the countries. This made him popular because most Germans were against the treaty too. Hitler knew how to make himself popular amongst the Germans. He gave responsibility to some of his most trusted followers the job to spread the ideas of the Nazis throughout Germany. He intended to do this by splitting Germany into districts. To convince children, teachers and students there were Nazi clubs which told them about the ways of the Nazis. To convince Germany to support them, the Nazis bought 8 newspapers and printed millions of posters. Hitler took part in parades himself and gave bold and passionate speeches about the ways of the Nazis. Hitler chose a hypnotizing and bold symbol called the Swastika. It was powerful enough to convince 100,000 members to join by the end of 1928. Hitler was a brilliant speaker, he would speak with such passion and power it would thrill the audience. Hitler held many public meetings and told his ideas about a better Germany. He had a booming voice, fearful temper and hypnotic eyes which tempted the Germans to listen to his interesting ideas. Hitler had many good ideas himself;
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