Hitler, Stalin, and the Atom Bomb

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Hitler, Stalin, and the Bomb Hitler and Stalin both share the dubious distinction of being two of the most destructive figures throughout all of history. The atrocities committed between the two of them against innocent people runs up into the millions. With Hitler, his rage was derived from his disdain to any Jewish person around believe that they truly were inferior to him. Stalin had a deep fear of people rising up against him and killed a mass amount of his own people just to suppress that fear that the people in his country might soon rebel against him. During the time period in which their reigns each occurred, nuclear science was starting to make some of its biggest discoveries in history. Hitler and Stalin both had different original opinions about an atomic bomb opposed to the United States’ approach of building a bomb at all costs. Hitler never really changed his view about an importance of the atomic bomb during his time in power, but Stalin eventually realized how important and power wielding it would be to obtain a nuclear weapon. Hitler from a very early age was brought up in a way that would not necessarily allow him to fully grasp the important nature of science. During his younger years, he was not up to date in the classes in which he should have been enrolled. He was a poor student in terms of scientific knowledge such as chemistry and physics. This is just one mitigating factor in the reason he may have looked down upon the important of science to winning a war. It is important to remember that Hitler was involved in World War I. World War I and II represent a large gap in the expansion of technology available to the world. But, when someone is involved in a war just a couple decades previous, they know how that war was one. A large bomb to decimate large portions of the population along with instilling a great amount of fear into people were

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