What Was Adolf Hitler's Power

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The Holocaust was a time of devastation and corruption; it was a time of cruelty. Adolf Hitler, who started the epidemic against the Jews, tried to make the world “perfect.” Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party. Hitler used the Jews as a scapegoat for Germany’s economic problems which ultimately led to World War II. Hitler not only became a powerful and influential man, but also a judgmental man. Hitler blinded people with his influence. He gained so much power that he became a dictator. He judged others because of his hatred. Adolf Hitler is a part of history that will never be forgotten. Adolf Hitler was a highly powerful man. He made sure things happened his way and no other. Hitler became powerful when…show more content…
He spoke very charismatically. He wanted to sound influential, thus it lead him to become a powerful public speaker. He was a natural born orator (Binchy). His body language affected the way he spoke. Hitler's “voice rose victorious over falterings, his eyes blazed with conviction, his whole body become an instrument of rude eloquence” (Binchy). Hitler’s whole demeanor changed when he was giving influential speeches. Some German citizens had difficulty understanding Hitler when he spoke quickly and eloquently. Because his language and level of education was similar to the German public, his speeches were similar, people could understand him. He connected with the audience by keeping them engaged. He was influential not only with his public speaking, but with propaganda. Hitler created propaganda that would influence the citizens of Germany to think that the Jews were inferior. Another way he used his influential attribute was by violence. When a fire started in the Reichstag building, Hitler used it as a way to start series of terrorist acts against politicians he considered enemies (“Hitler, Adolf”). Hitler claimed that these politicians were part of a Communist plan. By influencing the public, Hitler gained special powers to “protect the nation against possible Communist acts of violence” (“Hitler, Adolf”). Hitler went a long way by being influential. Anyone that he didn’t want alive, didn’t have much of a chance to survive. He used his influence to start World War II and influenced the Germans to fight for their country. Other ways that Hitler influenced the German citizens included making many appearances in front of large crowds by using military music. He had “elaborate ceremonies and dramatic speeches to demonstrate the glory of Germany and of his own leadership” (“Hitler, Adolf”). It is generally accepted that once someone is famous or popular, they can become influential and so it
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