Holocaust Essay: The Role Of Race In The Holocaust

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The Role of Race in the Holocaust B: Analytical body Through my research I tried to look for the role of race in the Nazi System, which probably caused the holocaust which is locked chambers that are spread with poisonous killing gas aimed for killing the Jews. Race is seen as the most illogical component of the Nazis system, which made it a dictatorial regime capable of committing acts of evil. Fundamental to all Hitler’s policies his absolute belief in the dominance of the Aryan Race and all need to prepare the German people for its role as master of Europe. According to Nazis race theorists, that the essential characteristics of the typical “Aryan” included a tall and slim build, a narrow face and nose, a famous well-known chin, afresh skin, and a gold or blond hair. Hitler aimed gradually to purify the German race, and this would be achieved by eliminating racial mixing, to create in von Shirach’s words “the perfect and complete human animal- the superman” the main obstacle to this as Hitler thought was the “eternal enemy”, the Jews. There is no historical topic that is protected to controversy, even the holocaust. There are three debates concerning this event. The first is whether it happened or not, the huge majority of historians accept that the evidence for holocaust is overwhelming. A small minority consider that the gas chambers were the creations of the Allied propaganda. The second…show more content…
Dulffer argue that holocaust was above all due to Hitler, “but to recognize that this is not to free from blame the hundreds thousands of others who were involved in carrying out the Holocaust”Dulffer. Goldhagen says that "hitlers ideal was broadly shared by germany”goldhagen. The bureaucracy was involved and had massive collaborations with the SS, the civil service, army, and the business corporations. This depressed Jews of their rights and property, isolated them, and killed them. The army was also

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