Examples Of Journal Entry Ww2

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Journal 1 entry: early 1942 How can they be so blind? Hitler was right about how we Germans should eliminate those filthy Jews. My fellow Nazi leaders and I do not understand why the worlds, besides our allies, are against us. We are not harming any humans, but instead exterminating those who wish to be human. Jews are the reason that jobs are not available for every German. If it were not for those filthy creatures, Germany and the rest of the world would have a perfect utopia. However, in order to achieve that Utopia, we must eliminate those filthy Jews…. and with Hitler as our leader, we will be able to in time. 1 Year later Journal entry #2: fall of 1942 The war has been going on for 1 year now and the Allied Powers are weakening our forces. We are not sure how much longer will be able to continue fighting, but we have eliminated 1 million Jews in Auschwitz and a total of 2.7 Jews eliminated. We…show more content…
I am filled with satisfaction knowing that the Nazi utopia is at arms length. This war has become such a hassle, but it will be worth it once the utopia is achieved. The world will be a clean and perfect haven just as it should have been from the beginning. With the war, I have had less time to write about what is going on…. but I cannot complain because I am the one that is exterminating the scum that walks this Earth. Well, it is time to kill more Jews…I will write when I can. Journal entry #4: mid 1944 The war feels like it is never ending…. I have become weary of killing Jews the same way continuously, but I still love the feeling of satisfaction. The Allied Powers have also been taking the war. It is difficult to hear about my fellow Nazis’ battling them and how more and more Nazi are being murdered. I feel as if the war might be lost and so will the dream of having a Utopia. I cannot stand this much longer. The Jews and others must be hastily exterminated. Journal entry #5: end of
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