What Is The Lesson Learned From The Holocaust

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Holocaust Essay Contest It is vital to the human race the remembrance, history, and lessons which were learned from the holocaust. Many mistakes were made during the Holocaust. Tragedy was everywhere during the Holocaust, but where there was much of tragedy there was also a great amount courage. Many people displayed audacity, and stood up for their beliefs or race. Lessons can be learned from history. The Holocaust has many lessons that can be used so that trgedies such as this one does not happen again. Which then brings me to the importance of history. History and lessons learned from history are related however, history is so important so that the mistakes from which these lessons come from will not be repeated once again. Remembrance of the Holocaust is so important because it is extremely important to teach next generations how to honor people from history. Many races and religions were executed during the Holocaust. Some of these included Jews for their religion, Jehovah Witnesses for not conforming to Hitler's ways and remaining firm in their beliefs of right and wrong, Gypsies for their race, and the disabled because of Hitler's "cleansing program". He believed the disabled were a waste of his time, and they got in the way. These people deserve honor for the loss of…show more content…
Some of the lessons were the tragedy that comes from fascism. Fascism is similar to a dictatorship. It is when the executive branch power grows very powerful, and is able to control the country. However, the difference between dictatorships and the fascism is the need for an enemy to take over. Fascism looks for a problem with a different race or religion to destroy which is exactly what Hitler did. The fascist government gains control of everything including the media to being able to arrest anyone that opposes their movement or horror, which is why the Holocaust got so out of control and no one could stop it from
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