Totalitarianism from Total Domination

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Totalitarianism from Total Domination In the essay “Total Domination,” written by Hannah Arendt; she discusses Nazism in the form totalitarianism as “True Terror”. If not for the survivors of the cruel brutality of totalitarian states, it would almost be impossible to believe it ever happened. What is Totalitarianism? Totalitarianism is a form of government in our political system, which gives absolute power to one ruler (dictator) who cannot be restricted by any type of constitution or law. The rise of totalitarianism governments started before WWII, but after the Great Depression when fascism became an ideology of society. Socialist leaders told the people what they wanted to hear. These leaders not only took advantage of their powers, but became totalitarian dictators of communism and Nazism states. In 1933 Hitler became the dictator and ruler of Germany. Hitler was known for his totalitarian government, which referenced his act based on Darwism. Hitler’s theories on racism was to cleanse them of the lower class, to filter out the weak and to brutally punish those for the “good of humanity and the survival of the fittest” (see Darwin’s “Natural Selection,” (897). On the other hand, Soviet Union’s justification in its totalitarianism government derived from a scientific method by Karl Marx (see Marx’s “Communist Manifesto,” (453) in the power of classes. Soviet Union believed in two types of classes, progressive and non-progressive. In the form of totalitarianism governments Soviet Union was considered progressive and if you are not a communist you were considered a non-progressive class that would not amount to anything. The non-progressives were considered a waste of human beings and need to be vanquished or completely eradicated. During the early and mid of the 1900’s, Nazism took Western Europe by storm leaving a trail of concentration camps. Nazism
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