Brief History Of Gun Control

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“We The People” of the United States of America have been blessed with certain “unalienable” rights not to be found elsewhere. The framers of our constitution realized the need for government restrictions to provide its citizens with freedom from oppression and tyranny, as their parents countries had unjustly ruled over them. Now, over 200 years later, these rights and liberties guaranteed to us are threatened. The original meaning and true intent of the constitution, that made The United States of America the staple of a truly free country, has been misconstrued and manipulated for political agendas. One right that is found in the Constitution had existed before the creation of the Constitution of The United States. This right gave the people…show more content…
Moments of history have shown dark periods of mass murder by evil dictatorship. The Jews, under the rule of Hilter, were persecuted beyond measure due to the lack of power they had against their oppressor. This review of history has inspired some Jews to gather and fight for our right to bear arms in this country. They have named themselves “Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership”. The founder of this organization is Aaron Zelman. When asked what the purpose of this organization was he proclaims that their main goal is, “ the destruction of the idea that gun control is a socially useful public policy" (Verberg, 1995). This organization has written number books that have re-visited history to prove their point that gun control can lead a country to lose its right and eventually genocide. In “Lethal Laws: Gun Control is the Key to Genocide” Simkin,, Zelman, & Rice (1994) Zelman and his group bring to light the laws in Germany and how they paved the way for Hitler to use gun control for his advantage. Before his rule the previous administration, under Weimar, enacted a strict gun control law in 1928. This was after the country had already been confiscated of their weapons in 1921 when the government was being overthrown. Such acts and laws required heavy resections on gun ownership and made a minimal amount of the population able to legally possess guns. The town of Northeim had a population of nearly ten-thousand people and only nine-hundred were permitted guns due to registration laws. This paved way for the Nazi government in 1938 to rewrite the law and confiscate all weapons from those who they viewed opposed to their way of things, especially the Jews. Hitler was able to disarm a nation because he assumed that power that was granted to him by degrees from the previous administrations before him (Simkin,, Zelman, & Rice,
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