How Did Adolf Hitler Maintain Power?

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Mark Liu History SL2 3/21/13 How did Adolf Hitler maintain power? (Mini Essay) The Nazi party leader Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany by von Hindenburg on January 30 1933 and a few years later on August 19 1934, after Hindenburg’s death, Hitler took presidency and became the leader of Germany. Instead of calling himself “president”, Hitler used the name of “Fuhrer”. After becoming the head of Germany, he used several methods to consolidate his power, and I think the police state and propaganda are the main ones that Hitler used to maintain power. The police, helped by the SS and the Gestapo, tried to prevent all open opposition to the regime. (Lowe, 2005) Hitler ordered the SS to murder suspected SA officers on the Night of the Long Knives on June 13 1934 to ensure his absolute control of the party. The judges of the courts were Nazis, and they were not fair and impartial to the trials. Hitler’s opponents, mainly comprised Communists, Social Democrats, Catholic priests and Protestant pastors were arrested by the Gestapo and many of them were sent to concentration camps. In Nazi Germany the police were allowed to arrest anyone they suspected to be a threat to the party and anyone who openly opposed Nazi in public would be tortured, even to death. The SS largely helped Hitler to eliminate political rivals and was loyal till his death compared to the army and without such support, Hitler would face serious political challenges and lose much public support. The propaganda also played an important role in helping Hitler advertising his political ideology and ideas. The Nazi propaganda department was led by Joseph Goebbels, a Ph.D. in philosophy. Radio, newspapers, magazines, books, theatre, films, music and art were all supervised. (Lowe, 2005) After Hitler’s rise to power, Goebbels set up the Reich Radio Company which controlled all the
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