Raoul Wallenberg, Hans And Sophie Scholl

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The Holocaust in Europe all began in 1940. Adolf Hitler blamed the Jews for every problem Germany was experiencing at the time. Death camps were set up to exterminate them all and leave behind the perfect Ayrian race. Despite all the hatred toward the Jews there were still many people who did not believe in this sort of treatment. Raoul Wallenberg and Hans and Sophie Scholl were three of these good, moral souls who tried to help the Jewish people. Raoul Wallenberg was seen as a hero in eyes of all the Jews he saved. To begin, Wallenberg rescued many women at the Danube River from being shot by Nazis. With much confidence and aggressiveness he got out of his car, marched up to the officers, and demanded the women be let go. He told the officers that he was…show more content…
For example, both Hans and Sophie revolted the Hitler Youth group. The organization started out like the American Scouts but quickly changed to a Nazi party. Hans and Sophie dropped out of the group and began to speak out against it. In 1988 Hans was sent to jail for his actions toward the group. After that they continued to show bravery by establishing the White Rose. This was a secret rebellion organization used to announce the evils of Hitler’s plans to all of Europe. Hans and Sophie regularly volunteered to take the printed leaflets and carefully distribute them in mailboxes, trains, and local classrooms. Lastly, Hans and Sophie Scholl were arrested and sentenced to death for their protests but even then they showed courage. On February 18, 1943 they were spotted handing outs leaflets and taken in for interrogation. They eventually confessed to what they did, but they did not release information about any other members of the White Rose. The next day they were both executed; however, Hans did not go so quietly, before he died he proclaimed, “Long Live Freedom!” Hans and Sophie Scholl helped many realize just how cruelly Jews were

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