How Did Hitler Use Propaganda In The 1932 Election Campaign

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Propaganda In the last days of the 1932 election campaign, amidst a sea of coloured election posters, the Nazis confidently produced a strikingly effective black-and-white election poster. It consisted of an image of Hitler's disembodied head, set in stark contrast to a black background. Below the face, written in white capitals, was just one word - 'HITLER'. No electioneering slogan was thought necessary on this poster. The juxtaposition of face and name was considered sufficient to put across the necessary message. Hitler's familiarity, in an age when the mass media was only just being recognised as a potent political force, had largely been established by his astonishing election schedule. By taking to the skies in his Deutschlandflug,…show more content…
In Prussia he established a secret police or Gestapo to further intimidate people with violent actions against anyone who spoke up against the state - which they interpreted to be the Nazi Party. These policemen launched their own 'reign of terror' in February 1933, disrupting and breaking up meetings of political parties; making arrests and interrogating suspects. All this was aimed at anyone seen to be a threat to Hitler's aim of winning a majority. These police forces were ordered by Goring to use their firearms on anyone they suspected of being an enemy of the state - or face punishment themselves. More than 50 political murders took place in the month before the elections. The storm troopers openly attacked Nazi Party opponents in the streets. The police turned a blind eye if they did not actually participate in the attacks. Opposition party speakers were beaten up, their election posters were torn down and their supporters were dispersed. In this way, many people were intimidated into voting for the Nazi Party. Once again, Hitler targeted the Communists more than other groups. He used the emergency decree issued by Hindenburg and banned all Communist Party meetings and
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