How Did Ultranationalism Cause Ww2

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World War 2 & Hitler Nationalism was a large part of the second world war. Hitler wanted to achieve the status he desired for Germany, and there for he displayed multiple forms of ultranationalism. I agree with Margret MacMillan that Hitler would have always wanted more power no matter what happened, but I do not agree that the Treaty of Versailles had no effect on world war two. The Treaty of Versailles had a direct impact on the second world war, without Hitler violating the treaty Britain would not have declared war in 1939 kick-starting the second world war. I agree with Margret MacMillan that Hitler would want to gain more power no matter what happened. Hitler wanted more and more power, and to achieve the status that he desired for Germany he used many different tactics. Hitler convinced the Germans that they would return to international status through his speeches and Nazi propaganda. To achieve his own desire for more power Hitler created Lebensraum which…show more content…
Hitler's pursuit of Lebensraum resulted in Germany exhibiting ultranationalism towards its neighbours. The ultranationalism that Germany was demonstrating led to expansionism and ultimately led the world to a second world war. Hitler created a distorted version of Darwin's Theory of Evolution, known as Social Darwinism. This principle stated that a nations strength was measured by its ability to fight and win wars; any nation displayed to be weak or unable to fight was a target for conquest. Hitler displayed ultranationalism when he put Social Darwinism into action, he was creating a master race. Hitler believed in survival of the fittest; he eliminated people who didn't meet the ethnic idea. Lebensraum and Social Darwinism were both indications of ultranationalism that Germany displayed, that ultimately lead to the cause of the second world war.
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