Can Violence Be Justified?

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Can violence be justified? Should the law allow us to carry out acts of violence if it serves the greater good? For example, should a parent be allowed to hit their children in order to discipline them? Philosophers and politicians have pondered for centuries about that moral dilemma. Violence is an intentional use of physical force or power against another person or against a group. It can cause serious injury or death. Resorting to violence often makes a dispute more difficult to solve than other means of conflict resolution. For example, let’s consider two countries that are arguing over the ownership of an area. If the countries try to solve their problems peacefully through negotiation, it may result to mild tension but in contrast, if they want a war over a piece of land; people would be killed, cities would be damaged or destroyed. As a result the tension between the two countries would be huge and any future efforts of negotiation would be much more difficult. There are certain situations when violence may be justified. Let’s take World War II as an example. Hitler was advancing his plans to expand Germany in the late 1930s. He had annexed several countries and allied governments tried to negotiate with him in order to avoid conflict. But Hitler didn’t stop his aggressive expansion and allied government had to act before he gained too much power. In this case, violence was the only option to resolve the conflict. In addition, if a person is shooting on the crowd, it is justified to stop that person in any way possible. Generally, violence is only justified as a way to resolve disputes when all other options have failed. Because of the human and economic harm inflicted by acts of violence like war or domestic violence, it has to be avoided as a means of resolving problems. Gandhi - the pioneer of the use of non-violence- said, “an eye for an eye
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