Leni Riefenstahl's Film Triumph Of The Will

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Leni Riefenstahl’s documentary, Triumph of the Will, records the events of the sixth Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg. Throughout the documentary, Hitler and different Nazi leaders are filmed giving well articulated, empowering speeches that encourage Socialist Nationalism within their nation. Hitler‘s ability to inspire the crowd with his ideals of fascism and Nazism shows that this documentary is an excellent portrayal of Fascist and Nazi political ideology in audio-visual terms. The fascist ideology of the power of the state, in this case the power of the dictator, is strongly emphasized throughout the documentary. In the film, Hitler is glorified as the all-knowing leader of Germany who brings success and prosperity…show more content…
In Hitler’s autobiography, Mein Kampf , he states that the use of propaganda is a means and a must for National Socialism. If Nazism was to remain powerful, it was vital to have good public opinion. By controlling the mass media, Hitler was able influence public opinion, implement his policies, and maintain his power. In one of his speeches, Hitler states, “Truth is the foundation on which the power of the press stands and falls. It may be good to have power based on arms but it is better and more joyful to win and to keep the hearts of the people.” Throughout Triumph of the Will, adoration and approval for Hitler is clearly shown on the faces of those in the crowd. The documentary itself is propaganda because it portrays Hitler and the Nazi party as the good guys rather than exposing the evil and corruption within their regime. Nazism’s ideal of the power and purification of the race is predominately shown in The Triumph of the Will. Of the thousands of German citizens shown throughout the film, none are of Jewish decent. In the film, a Nazi leader states that “A people which does not hold with the purity of its race will perish”. Power of the race is the central theme of the Nazism ideology and Hitler believed the
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