How Were Images of Hitler Used for Propaganda?

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Propaganda was used frequently all around Germany during the time of Hitler and was effective in promoting Hitler as the ideal ruler for Germany. Nazi propaganda posters always showed Hitler in a good light which appealed to the German people. The first example shows young Aryan German boy looking upwards. The poster also features Hitler looking in the same direction, which suggests that he understands and supports the best interests of the youth. The caption of the poster translates to “The Hitler youth is born”, and the fact that an Aryan child is chosen to be shown is key. It sets an example to German citizens and shows them the ‘perfect’ German child. It also shows the people what their Führer expects of them. The second example of propaganda shows Hitler in the centre and in front of many people holding flags with Swastikas on them. Being in the centre suggests importance and relevance to Germany. All of the people standing behind him hint to everyone that the people of Germany should be behind him and support his ideas, meanwhile the frequent use of Swastikas forge Nazi ideology in the minds of the German Citizens. The caption translates to “Long Live Germany”. The eagle in the background is a symbol of a prosperous Germany, so at the top of the poster where the sun should be there is an eagle. Since the sun is an essential source of life for people, the eagle replacing the sun suggests that Hitler is essential for Germany and its economy to survive. The final example shows a German mother looking after her baby. Even though this propaganda poster does not directly show Hitler, it shows a cause which he supports; the work of the mother and the family. The caption in this picture loosely translates to “Support the work of the mother and child” and shows a happy mother with an optimistic background, looking after her young child. It shows women in Nazi Germany
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