Hitler's Domestic Policies

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Assess the successes and failures of Hitler's domestic policies. Hitler’s domestic policies were a success due to the fact that the Nazis were able to Nazify the German population with little to no opposition. The Weimar Republic collapsed in 1933 due to its weak structure and their inability to resolve the deep economic crisis (Great Depression). Many Germans had turned to the Nazis because they had feared communism and sought a way out of the economic crisis, not because they supported the Nazi ideology. When Hitler and the Nazis achieved absolute power by early August 1934, their main goals were to Nazify the German people, improve the economy (with their National Socialistic ideals), and overall maintain absolute power within Germany, while pursuing their radical ideologies. These goals were to be achieved through Hitler’s domestic policies. In order to Nazify every single person, the Nazis infiltrated every aspect of society as many ways as possible. Propaganda was used to persuade people into accepting and/or following Nazi ideals, which would be achieved through all types of media. The radio was a particularly effective device due to the fact that it was already a big source of entertainment. The Nazis produced cheap radios called the Volksempfänger (People’s radio) affordable to every household, and set up loudspeakers in public places making broadcasted propaganda unavoidable. Posters were another effective form of propaganda because they were visually striking, inexpensive to produce, and overall difficult to avoid. The press was also to be strictly controlled, non-Nazi newspaper and magazine companies were to be shut down, and editors were told what they were able to publish. This only gave the public the option of reading texts that praised Nazism. The film industry was to produce pro-Nazi films, which had to undergo script analysis by
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