Significant Factors That Led to the Prominence of Albert Speer

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Albert Speer Part A Albert Speer became a prominent figure due to a number of significant factors; joining the Nazi Party, becoming the architect of the 3rd Reich, employment as the Minister of Armaments, and his testimony at the Nuremburg Trials. These events are what would later write history and give Speer the title of a prominent figure. Speer joining the Nazi party was a significant factor which led to his personality becoming prominent. Speer joined the Nazi party because there was something in it for him. Because of the depression in 1929, people needed employment, and support through a particular group of people during this tough time. When Speer was a University lecturer, he attended a rally where Hitler spoke. Speer was impressed; Hitler wasn’t at all what Speer expected. He spoke about his love of Germany and compassion and also dressed well which Speer related to, “I was greatly impressed, not only with Hitler's proposals, but also with the man himself”. Albert Speer wasn’t any ordinary citizen, he was smart and sophisticated. He knew that he may need employment in the future and he knew the Nazi party may have been a path. However, Speer announced that he joined because of “fear of communism, fascination for Hitler and rejection of the Treaty of Versailles”. Speer joining the Nazi Party was a significant event in his personality becoming prominent to history because this event led to further events in which made his prominence progress. Speer’s appointment as Architect of the Third Reich contributed greatly to his rise in prominence. Karl Hanke was the district leader of the Nazi Party, and knew of Speer’s architectural qualities. He then employed Speer to redecorate the inside of the new district organisation headquarters. Hanke moved swiftly up the ranks and hired Speer for projects such as; the redecoration of the new district headquarters in
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