Albert Speer Essay

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Describe the rise to prominence of the personality you have studied Albert Speer’s rise to prominence was compounded by numerous significant events including his early work for the Nazi Party, followed by his appointment of Reich Architect and his further architectural works under this title such as the Paris Fair and German Project. Speer then reached his prominence of power when he was appointed Armaments Minister. Speer’s rise to prominence initially began with his joining of the Nazi Party in 1931. From this moment Speer’s recognition within the Nazi Party only amplified, all beginning with his first job as the Party’s driver. Through this job Speer met Dr Goebbels, who organised Speer’s first architect job; the renovation of the Party’s headquarters in Berlin. After the success of this event, Speer was asked in 1933 to renovate the Propaganda Ministry with a timeline of only two months. Luckily, Speer just met the time line by using large fans to dry the remaining plaster of the project on its due day. After Speer’s success on this project, Speer began to develop a reputation for his skill and ability to deliver results. This new born and growing reputation speculated among the Nazi officials and Hitler himself, and ultimately served as a starting block for Speer’s rise to prominence. The death of Paul Troost in 1934 combined with Speer’s appointment of Reich Architect continued his climb to prominence. After Troost’s death, Speer was commissioned to design the Nuremberg Rally. Speer used this opportunity to show off his talent to its extreme and created a display that is widely remembered and admire today for its mass propaganda use. The Rally designs including black, white and red Nazi flags, each ten metres high, which hung virtually, which created a column effect, portraying an element of Neo-classical architecture. He also incorporated a light
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