How Important Was Hitler to Helping the Nazi Party Come to Power in 1933?

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How important was Hitler to helping the Nazi Party come to power in 1933? In this essay I will be answering the question ‘How important was Hitler to helping the Nazi Party come to power in 1933?’. To do this I will split it into 4 paragraphs: How Hitler was important in the rise of the Nazi Party, How the other Nazi leaders were important, How the Depression helped the Nazis and How the weakness of the Political System helped the Nazi’s. Before the 1920’s, the Nazi Party were a new extreme right wing political party called the German Workers Party. The party was created in 1919 by a railway mechanic called Anton Drexler. At first it was a very small organisation with only 6 members. In September 1919 Adolf Hitler was sent to check out the new party by the army. Hitler went to a meeting of the German Workers Party and was immediately attracted to its ideas. He found himself supporting the extremely Anti-Semitic beliefs of Anton Drexler. It was only a few weeks later that Hitler became a member of the party and was in charge of spreading the message to everyone about the German Workers Party. By the early 1920’s, Hitler was involved with drafting the party programme. This included looking at its list of beliefs, aims and objectives. Hitler then went onto changing the name of the party from the German Workers Party to the National Socialist German Workers Party but it was commonly known as the Nazi Party. There were many other leaders as well as Hitler that were important in helping organise important tasks and responsibilities of the Nazi Party: Josef Goebbels: Goebbels was a brilliant public speaker and a skilled master of propaganda. He joined the Nazi’s in 1922 and was put in charge of the party newspaper, the Volkische Frehiet. He became one of Hitler’s most important and powerful supporters. Ernst Roehm: Ernst Roehm was a captain
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