'Popular Support for Hitler Was the Most Important Reason Why He Became Chancellor in January 1993' How Far Do You Agree with This Statement?

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'Popular Support For Hitler Was the Most Important Reason Why he Became Chancellor In January 1993' How Far do You Agree With This Statement? Hitler became Chancellor in January 1933, I believe that it the statement is partially true, Hitler was a clever man and with the aid of Joseph Goebbels he released many campaigns and propaganda throughout Germany spreading the Nazi's message and image getting people to vote for them. Not only that but with the Nazi's policies which some of them were aimed at particular groups like the nationalists or old age citizens, this too gained support. However it wasn't just popular support which got Hitler into power, the two previous chancellors in the Reichstag who were voted off helped as Hindenburg had no option but to make Hitler into the new Chancellor. My first point is how Goebbels used propaganda to aid Hitler. The idea of getting ideas across to masses of people got them to start thinking about voting for the Nazis. Joseph Goebbels was the Nazi's party "main man" for getting across the Nazi's message. He did everything possible for Hitler to get publicity; he even made records and films of Hitler's speeches and put up millions of posters and flags all over Germany. People started seeing more and more of the Nazi regime and this gained more votes through the propaganda which was widespread throughout Germany. Goebbels released a campaign which allowed Hitler to travel to different parts of Germany to give speeches via an aircraft; these speeches enabled Hitler to convince the public to vote for him and the Nazi's being the right party to vote for. In this case the popular support for Hitler and the Nazi's arose through propaganda and this is an important reason why he became Chancellor as without the support needed, it would have been hard for him to become Chancellor if he lacked the support of the Nation which he
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