To What Extent Was the Rise of the Nazis Due to the Personality and Political Ideas of Adolf Hitler?

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In the election of 1932, the Nazi party became the largest political party in Germany by receiving 37.3% of votes. They dramatically improved since 1928 when they only received 2.6% of votes. There are many factors which contributed to the rise of the Nazi Party by 1932 like the role of Hitler, the great depression, Nazi propaganda and the role of violence. The significance of each of these factors is still debated amongst historians today. Undeniably, Hitler was regarded as one of the most powerful speakers in the world. His speeches were very emotive and influential. This was evident from the reaction of his audience. Many shed tears and said phrases like “he understands, he understands”. As Hitler started to do more and more of the Nazi Party speeches, they became more popular and more and more people came to listen to him. He presented himself very strong and a symbol of hope for them. He was shown to be very articulate to the German Public which made him seem driven and that he knew what he was doing. This made him like a messiah figure. Hitler gave the Nazi Party a figure of authority, determination, dignity and dominance. His coherent speeches appealed to everyone, he did not focus on intellectually challenging political lectures. He knew that the majority of his audience were working class and therefore focused on nationalist and issues close to them. The fact that Hitler knew his audience and used emotive language in the way he spoke, he gained major popularity. Indeed he was the ideal person to represent the Nazi Party in this way. As well as Hitler’s personality, his extreme political ideas were very popular. For example his idea of an Aryan race (master race) was very popular due to the fact he led people to believe that the Aryan race is what will make Germany one of the most powerful and strongest countries in the world by having genetically superior.
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