Swing Kids Accuracy to History

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Throughout ages, history has been an interesting topic in films, history through cinematography. We must question ourselves of the accuracy history through the film and intentions in the film itself. "Swing Kids" 1993, movie about the point of view of teenagers in the late 1930s about the Nazi Youth Organization. Unfair treating at people and abuse of power are things that I am personally interest in which is why I chose this film. Also, the music included in the film. As far as I know the film is historically accurate. According to history this kids wore their hair long to identify themselves, listening to swing music, playing it and dancing it. In addition, most of the German parents wanted their kids to be part of the Nazi Youth Organization, but their kids being part of the "Swing Kids" it was impossible, most of them would break the country rules and steal, until they got catch by the police which would give them two options, send them to work camps or join to the Nazi Youth Organization. This project would be based on the point of view of the film and the research of history in order to find out if this film is completely accurate and find out if the directors left something behind. The Swing Kids Movement took in place Germany around the 1930s. The youth movement in Germany started years before Hitler showed up on the scene. “It began in the 1890’s and was known as the Wandervogel, a male-only movement featuring a back-to-nature theme” (The History Place) (The Nazification of Germany Society). During the leadership of Adolf Hitler, he wanted his beliefs to increase all over Germany. The most logical extension of Hitler’s beliefs was the people of tomorrow, the kids. Adolf Hitler wanted Nazism in all Germany, every city, every town, every market, every house, every shelter, every person, every heart he wanted to be Nazi. A once member of the Nazi Youth once
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