“Propaganda Was Crucial to the Maintenance of Power by the Nazis” How Accurate Is This View?

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Propaganda was very important in the Nazi’s maintaining their power once they won the election in 1933. In the Nazis campaigns previous to them gaining power, they had exploited all the media they could in order to appeal to the public. Hitler’s speeches were played on the radio, his beliefs were written about in Nazi newspapers and magazines and posters containing horrific propaganda were placed everywhere. The public were bombarded with so much powerful propaganda that it could be argued that it would be almost impossible for them not to become attracted to the Nazi party in some way. This propaganda continued even once they had won the election. Furthermore, once the Nazi’s had gained power, they began to push anti-Jew and other very racist and fascist propaganda on the people of Germany. Hitler was shown in newspapers and presented on the radio as a strong and just leader; with the Jews being represented as evil. Propaganda was therefore crucial to the maintenance of power by the Nazis as it meant when they began their attack on the Jews, they had the support of their people. Furthermore, it can be argued that propaganda was crucial to the maintenance of power by the Nazis as they portrayed Hitler as powerful and showed him to be good for the country, making sure people continued to show support for the Nazis and it portrayed Hitler as above all party politicking and as a figure for national focus and loyalty. This would have made sure people continued to support Hitler even after he was voted in as they would feel a kind of loyalty towards him. However, Propaganda cannot be described as the only crucial factor in the maintenance of power by the Nazis as propaganda alone cannot change an entire countries views. The introduction of new social controls further aided in the Nazi’s maintenance of power. Anti-Nazi judges were removed and replaced by those
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