What Was the Most Important Factor Enabling the Nazis to Control Germany?

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‘The most important factor enabling the Nazis to control the people was their use of terror’ The Nazi use of terror played a large role in controlling the people. However there were many other factors such as the desperation of the people and the way the Nazis tapped into what the German people wanted. So terror was a factor but not a determining one. The majority of the German population accepted Hitler and his policies. The Weimar Republic had recently failed and they were still sore about The Treaty of Versailles. Hitler tapped into this desperation and gave the German population a vision of prosperity and a greater Germany. This made the majority of Germans were compliant with the Nazi party and those who liked Hitler but did not really agree with some of his policies turned a blind eye to them. The young population also took a liking to Hitler as his youth organisation, The Hitler Youth gave them a sense of purpose. There was also the equivalent for women, The League of German Maidens. Hitler also dropped the unpopular policies previously imposed by the Weimar Republic. Hitler also rejected and violated the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, which was well received by the German public. In short Hitler was well liked by the German people and therefore there was not much of an issue on the whole with taking control of the German populace. The propaganda effort led by Joseph Geobbels also played a huge role in controlling the public. Geobbels made sure to incriminate the Weimar Republic by for example burning the Weimar Flags and then hoisting the Nazi flag instead. This process was well liked by the Germans as it showed the new Nazi vision and implied that the Nazi party were saving Germany by taking down the Weimar Republic and establish a new Greater Germany. The Nazi party also organised large book burnings for the public to take part in, the books
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