Explain How the Nazis Used Propaganda to Strengthen Their Position Once in Power (8 Marks)

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Propaganda is the use of the Media to aggressively promote ones point of view. Firstly, the Nazis used different forms of media to strengthen their position once in power by forcing their views on different kinds of people. Newspapers, which were read by all adults and some older teenagers, were encouraged by the Nazis – but they had to provide views which the Ministry agreed with or face the consequences. Journalists were sometimes given direct instructions what to right. Therefore, there could be no free press in Germany; every newspaper was a Nazi newspaper. In addition, younger adults going to universities were manipulated by propaganda. The Nazis had little respect for academic research. It was heavily directed by the Ministry and the results were expected to support Nazi views. Goebbels also controlled the arts, which affected everyone; including deciding what literature would be available to the public. Millions of books were taken from university and public libraries and burned on huge, public bonfires. These books were often written by anti-Nazi authors, communists or Jews. Jazz music was banned as it was seen as black music and therefore inferior. Hitler had very strong views about art and so it was heavily censored on racial or political grounds. The Ministry disapproved, for example, of almost all modern art as the Nazis preferred art showing images of perfect German men and women. In the theatre, plays about German history and politics were favoured as long as they reflected Nazi views. Therefore, cheap theatre tickets were available to get Nazi views across. Secondly, and most importantly, the Nazis used Propaganda to strengthen their position once in power by advertising Nazi views everywhere, meaning people would think about them every day, and all the time. Goebbels started using the power of the radio, which were put under Nazi control.
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