Explain Why Hitler Tried to Introuduce the Policy of Volksgemeinschaft

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Explain why Hitler tried to introduce the policy of volksgemeinschaft in Germany in the period of 1933-1939 This was Hitler’s and the Nazis idea of a people’s community. This was put into three categories ideological, biological, and social. Hitler and the Nazis what to remove any ideological threats of which they felt were going to threaten them getting into power. The main group of which Hitler was concerned about in this section was the communists. The Nazis felt like this political group was trying to undermine their “people’s community”. Hitler made it very clear that he did not want the communists in his people community when he and the Nazi party realised their 25 point programme of 1920.However the Nazis also portrayed the socialist and any other party of which had taken part in coalition governments during the Weimar republic as they collaborated with communism and Jewish democracy. Hitler wanted to introduce the policy of volksgeminschaft in this case because if he could eliminate the communists and the other parties who were associated as collaborating with them, the Nazis could then get their votes as they had a high amount of supporters, which would mean them having the majority and coming into power. Anybody who the Nazis believed that represented a threat to the racial purity of which Hitler wanted would come under the socialism categories. This included, Jews, gypsies and those who were seen as mentally or physically unfit. The Nazis wanted to use the scientific theory of eugenics which would mean selective breeding of which would be healthy strong people who did not have things such as hereditary diseases. Hitler wanted to introduce the policy of volksgemineschaft in this case as it would mean that Germany would be this pure German country of which consists of only the strongest and purest Germans. This would then make Germany look like this strong
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