Hitler Consolidation of Power

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The Impact of Hitler’s Rise to Power on Germany When examining whether or not Hitler was successful … it is important to bear in mind the following objectives Hitler aimed to achieve while in power: 1. Restoration of Germany as the leading country of Europe 2. Ensuring the racial purity of the German nation 3. Establishment of complete Nazi control over the state |POLITICAL |SOCIAL |ECONOMIC | |Democracy in Germany was Destroyed |The German People had Little Freedom |Three Main Economic Aims: | | | |To reduce unemployment | |Hitler used his power as Chancellor to |Fear: |To build up the German weapons industry | |wipe out democracy as he felt it was an |Emergency Laws were passed which suspended |To achieve economic self-sufficiency | |obstacle to restoring Germany’s greatness|political and civil rights. People could be |(autarky) | | |arrested on suspicion of anti-government | | |In order to allow the Nazis to gain full |activities and held indefinitely in prison. |Trade unions were banned and strikes | |control of the Reichstag, he dissolved | |outlawed. Union leaders were also sent to | |parliament and called for new elections. |Courts of Law were run by the Nazis and only|Concentration Camps. | | |Nazi supporters could become judges, hence a| | |Before the new elections, the
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