Why Was There So Little Opposition To The Nazis So Weak

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History Revision Cards Theme: Life in Nazi Germany Important Points: 1. Who opposed the Nazis in Nazis Germany and what impact did this have on the Nazis? Why was opposition to the Nazis so weak? You need to think about how each opposition group opposed Hitler and which one posed the biggest threat to Nazi power. The Nazis did not want any opposition in their ideal Germany all Germans would work together to achieve the same goals -- not seagulls. Within days of taking power Hitler banned all other political parties. The normal democratic right to oppose or protest against government was not going to be allowed. The Gestapo made it their business to find out about Nazi opponents. They tapped phones, opened letters and spied on suspects. A network of Nazi informers passed on information to them. Suspected opponents were arrested and, if part of a wider network, tortured until they revealed the names of anyone in their group. The opposition groups name of opposition group: -- former political opponents…show more content…
What methods did opposition use to oppose the Nazis? How successful was the opposition? What was their impact on the Nazis? Why was there so little opposition to the Nazis? Opposition, church resistance/Why was there so little opposition to Hitler from the churches in Germany? To identify churchmen who did speak out against the Nazis: Niemoller and Bonhoeffer.To explain why there was relatively little Christian opposition to the Nazis. * Opposition, youth resistance/Why did some young Germans oppose the Nazis and with what results? To identify the aims and methods used by youth opposition to the Nazis, particularly the White Rose Group and the Edelweiss Pirates. To evaluate the impact of this opposition on the Nazi regime. | | | |
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