Why Hitler Became Chancellor

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Why did Hitler become Chancellor in 1933? In this essay I am going to discuss why Hitler became chancellor in 1933 I will answer the question ' why did Hitler become chancellor in 1933?'' I will talk about the positives and negatives of each point. Success was Just round the corner for Hitler it came as a suprise. General von schleicher stopped supporting von papen and decided he himself should become chancellor, this triggered of a power struggle between von schleicher nd von papen, which ended with them handing power to Hitler. Hitler was made Chancellor in 1933 after von Papen persuades Hindenburg. Von Papen thought that as long as there were a limited number of Nazis in the cabinet then Hitler could be controlled. Von Papen was wrong. Another thing was there was the weakness of the Weimar government, which played its part. The Weimar government was failing miserably, what with a failed economy, no power, a great depression, unemployment, a weak president, and the rise of terrorism and extremism. The Social Democrats were losing their touch. During the Stresemann years of the 1920s the Nazis couldn’t even get into double figures when it came to seats in the Reichstag. Germany, it looked, was on the rise while Stresemann was Chancellor but the Nazis and their appealing polices were al too good for the people of Germany to refuse and so while the votes for the Social Democrats only increased ever so slightly the Nazi votes were plumiting and with every election they grew and grew. The Nazis were brilliant when it came to propaganda and public rallies and meetings. No other party focussed more on propaganda than the Nazis. The Nazis felt that flyers, leaflets, radio, rallies and meetings were the key to success. If a subject proved popular then they would repeat it. In this way the Nazis developed a very sensitive system of propaganda. Although this system was
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