Why was hitler able to dominate Germany by 1934.

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Study source A. Does this source prove that the Munich Putch was a disaster for the Nazi party? Use the source and your own knowlage to explain the answer. (7) Source A, to a certain extent, does show how much of a failure the Munich Putch was by showing hitler and “his fellow Nazi’s“ in prison. This alone shows how the Putch failed because obviosly if the putch was a success then they would not be in prison. The plan was to overthow the wiemar republic by force and so in 1923 Hitler and general ludenndorf believing the party was on the verge of collapse and that the police would join his rebellion marched on munich. This of course went horribly wong and hitler was imprisoned. Although the munic putch was a complete dissaster, hitler during his imprisonmet realised that maybe trying to take over by force was not a good idea and learnt that he should try to get the general publics votes instead. Imprision ment worked, in some ways ,in hitlers favour because during his trials he gave long speeches about his ideas and critizing the government. Also he published a book; ‘Mien Kapmf’ which gave his mai ideas. When hitler ws released from prison he was seen as a national fiqure and this helped him a lot in the long run. Study source B. Explain why this poster was published in 1932. Use this source and your own personnal knowlage to explain your answer. (6) The poster (source B) has been published in 1932 because it is a propaganda poster trying to get Hitler the vote. The poster shows several people that look poor or unhappy and has a caption; “HITLER- Our Last Hope”. This was actually true in Hitler being germany’s last hope so this poster would f been quite effective. Around 1932 was when Hitler was trying to gain most votes. Study source C. In what ways is this source useful to a historian studying Hitler’s rise to power? Use the source
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