Did Hitler Establish a Dictatorship By August 1934

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The career of Adolf Hitler was marked by a spectacular rise to power. He went from being a nobody in the streets of Vienna to the supreme leader of one of the most powerful nations on earth. Hitler came to power through a combination of legal means and backroom politics. The events leading up to the rise of the Nazis and Hitler are prime examples of the myriad of factors intertwining in the area of social action. Economists view the economic conditions as the major reason for the downfall of the Weimar republic and the rise of the Nazis but political scientists like to point out the constitutional structure of the Weimar constitution. According to some it is one of the great ironies of history that Hitler came to power through legal means. One way Hitler managed his dictatorship was through the appointment as Chancellor in 1933. This helped establish a dictatorship because it helped Hitler and the Nazis gain support. I know from my background knowledge that once Hitler was named Chancellor big bankers and industrialists, including Krupp and I. G. Farben, had lobbied Hindenburg and schemed behind the scenes on behalf of Hitler because they were convinced he would be good for business. Hitler promised to be for free enterprise and keep down Communism and the trade union movements. Being appointed as Chancellor also was a starting point to his dictatorship as without it he would have been able to continue his consolidation and wouldn’t have been able to pass such laws as the Enabling Act. Another way Hitler established a dictatorship was through the passing of the Enabling Act 1933. This established a dictatorship because it allowed Hitler to arguably do whatever he pleased. I also know from my background knowledge that his law gave a ban on the Communists and Socialists taking part in an election campaign. The leaders from both parties were arrested and their
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