Why Did Hitler Become Chancellor in January 1933

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Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany by President Hindenburg on 30 January 1933.There were many factors to explain why Hitler became Chancellor. They all played their part and in 1933 Hitler become Chancellor although perhaps not as he would have liked. Firstly, the situation that time had helped Hitler rise in power in a few different way. Following the First World War, Germany suffered from a lot of social and economic hardships. The Treaty of Versailles created an underlying bitterness , the Germans believe that they don’t deserve such the blame of war, even some believe they still have the power to fight back and win again. This created deep irritation about the First World War. In such desperate circumstance, people demand changes and a leader who can get them though the hardness, and to which Hitler’s viciousness and expansionism appealed, so they gave him support. Also, After the Wall Street Crash of 1929, unemployment grew, people are poor and starving on street, In the crisis, people wanted someone to blame, and looked to extreme solutions – Hitler offered them scapegoat(Jews and November criminals) Secondly, Hitler was an outspoken politician and passionate speaker, which had undoubted ability for public speaking and an understanding of ordinary peoples desires and capture voters and supporters. Hitler’s “political genius” also help him also in his rise of power. At that time, there are a lot of propagandas which are persuasive, Nazi propaganda rose his publicity and persuaded the German masses to believe that the Jews were to blame and that Hitler was their last hope. He made and a lot promises and offers to his party member and supporter which actually increase their trust on him. He promised a prouder future for Germans than the old generals could, which is what exactly the desperate German people needed. Thirdly, Hitler was befriended
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