Why the Nazis Hadn't Got Into Power by 1928

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H/w Explain why the Nazis had not got into power by 1928 The Nazis grew out of a small right-wing party which Hitler took over in 1919. The party appealed to a wide range of people but mainly to the middle classes but in 1928 support for the Nazi party fell. Firstly this was because the Nazis didn’t have the support of the working class because many of them voted for the Social Democrats who had 3 times as many votes as the Nazis. The workers who wanted change in Germany voted for the Communist party instead of the Nazis. Hitler’s attempt to win them over had so far failed. Germany was going through its ‘Golden age’ because Stresemann economic policies had helped to solve many of Germany’s problems e.g. loans from America under the Dawes plan. Political violence had decreased so this meant things were more stable, so people didn’t want to vote for extreme parties anymore. At that time people didn’t take the Nazis anti-Semitic ideas seriously because they were too extreme. Hatred of the Jews and taking over land in Eastern Europe became embarrassing to people in a Germany that was doing well. The SA –what remained of the Friekorps, were very violent and many Germans saw them as hired thugs which put many people off. In conclusion I think the Nazis failed to gain power because the ‘roaring 20’s’ was a time of peace and prosperity. Hitler’s ranting’s about the Jews and the Treaty of Versailles fell upon deaf ears which meant that the Nazi’s message became less appealing and the party lost
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