Why Hitler Became Chancellor

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Explain why Hindenburg appointed Hitler as chancellor in January 1933: Hitler became chancellor on the 30th of January 1933, when Hindenburg, the president of Germany appoints him. But a common question is why he was appointed in the first place? Well firstly because of the political schemes that occurred in 1929 till 1932 (which meant that it was the end of parliamentary democracy) Hitler at first wasn't very popular with his ideas of how Germany should be ran, however he was determined to strengthen his power. He targeted a variation of people such as the "Mittlesland" or the middle-class promising them protection from Communism which a lot of people were scared of because of the revolution that occurred in Russia 1917 (this was when autocracy had banished in the empire and Russia became a communist country)- many feared that it would spread in Germany, and restoration of law and order; the upper class were promised Reprisal for the Treaty of Versailles, and the creation of a strong government; important business people that he would suspend trade unions from protesting for more demands; the working class were promised jobs and protection from their work, ordinary civilians who lived in the countryside were promised an increase in the price of agricultural products and finally, most importantly women, who were promised equality and proper family morals which most women of the 1930's thought were important. Hindenburg couldn't oppose against the public's choice otherwise he would be going against the democratic ‘Weimar republic’ regulation of including the people’s views. Overall, Hitler’s popularity with the nation was one of the main reasons why he was appointed as chancellor. He promised things to a variation of people that not many other politicians had offered. Secondly, because of the propaganda that was responsible for the change of peoples view's of the
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