A Brave New World Revisited: Chapter Analysis

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Propaganda Under a Dictatorship In this chapter of Brave New World Revisited, Aldous Huxley is providing several reasons as to why Adolph Hitler, the most powerful dictator in history, and his methods were successful in Germany during his “reign”. Huxley clearly took the position that “Hitler was perfectly correct in his estimate of human nature.” Huxley’s points and his stance on the issue are very valid and correct. Huxley does not defend Hitler and his evil doings in the chapter, however, he just claims that Hitler’s methods of complete control of the people was very “smart”. In today’s world, dictatorship is still in Cuba and North Korea. Dictator Puongyang in North Korea used technology and propaganda to “herd-poison” the masses to gain power. Hitler did the same thing. Adolph Hitler’s core value judgment was that “masses are utterly contemptible and that their behavior is determined not by knowledge and reason, but by feelings of unconscious drives”. Huxley states in the chapter that “they had been genetically standardized and postnatally…show more content…
In North Korea, propaganda is found everywhere. The media are told what to say and are under the government’s control. When Pyongyang took power, the North Korean public was completely cut off from the outside world. All political speeches were carefully planned out and methodically put together, and unscripted speeches were unheard of. This sounds very similar to Adolph Hitler’s method! Hitlers core belief of human nature is accurate. It is proven because the dictatorships today are based off of it. Aldous Huxley’s thought that effective propaganda, seen in Russia and China, should begin at a young age and break one down both psychologically and physically until a new idea can be “put” in their head. That statement is also accurate. This is how Hitler was so successful. Propaganda and Marching completely broke the people
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