Beat Hitler First Policy

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Some historians have stated that the “ beat Hitler first policy “ was the best war strategy the United States could have followed during World War II. I also believe that this was in fact the best war strategy for the United States and led to her success. The reasons why I support this position are because it was necessary for the United States to help the Winston Churchill and the British defend their land, or we risked dividing our allies politically, and at the time the British and Russians were struggling against Germany and needed immediate assistance for survival, and along with our help it allowed us to secure allies with which to fight Japan with, and by defeating Hitler first the U.S would be cutting of Hitler’s support to the Japanese which would ultimately weaken the Japanese making her ultimately weaker having access to less resources. The “Beat Hitler First Policy” was a very crucial decision in defeating Nazi Germany as well as the Japanese in World War II. This was somewhat a political decision that the United States needed to make in support of her allies. The U.S needed to prioritize strategy in choosing how they would act after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and Hitler’s military success’s in Europe. The U.S had two options as to how they would proceed with military action. We knew if Russia collapsed that would allow Hitler to then fully focus his attention to defeating the British as well as helping out the Japanese which was a great ally of Hitler. The Japanese military success with the bombing of Pearl Harbor was obviously of great importance to the United States but helping our allies defeat Hitler took precedence after Winston Churchill asked the president Franklin D. Roosevelt for support in defeating Hitler. With so much division in the world at the time the U.S wanted to make sure ally relationships didn't crumble. With the instability in
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