Issues of Religion, Violence and War

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It is agreed in most religions that god is loving and caring. If this is true then why would he allow so much war and violence? In this essay I will be discussing issues of religion, violence and war. These issues include religious inspired violence down through history, scriptures endorsing the use of armed violence to holy-wars to spread or defend faiths, and God prescribing capital punishment or other severe penalties for people who commit numerous moral offenses. I will also be discussing the expelling, torture and killing of non-believer and heretics of religions. Issue #1-Religious inspired violence throughout history is inexcusable. There is no reason for such acts of violence, no matter what “scriptures” say. To execute or torture another because their religious views are not as yours is immoral. It is said in many scriptures in all religions that God will punish non-believers and heretics so why would people take matters into their own hands. I believe these people should be punished by God for such immoral acts. This violence is too excessive and is unjustifiable by any means. Religious violence and any other type of violence (except self-defense) can never be morally excused. Everyone in the world agrees that the action of Adolf Hitler in the Holocaust was an abomination and inexcusable. Many people see Adolf Hitler himself as a devil, so why would anyone except religious inspired violence. The Holocaust is the most known incident but there are numerous religious inspired acts of torture and execution. All of which are just as wrong, evil and inexcusable as the Holocaust. Issue #2-War is always a last resort; the lives of many people are lost in wars. To think that war is justifiable because scripture say so is wrong. It makes me think, if a person respective scriptures told them to eat a newborn child each year would they do it. I do not think that

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