Unit 7 Euthanasia Research Paper

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Stem 7 Homework 1. Define the term Euthanasia. Euthanasia refers to the practise of terminating life as they are perceived to be living an intolerable life. It is usually carried out because the person dying ask for it. The decision is usually made when the person asking for it, is suffering from an terminal or incurable disease. 2. Define the term Redemptive Suffering Redemptive Suffering is a notion in regards to Euthanasia. Adherents offer up their pain and their suffering in this world to the pain and suffering of the crucified Christ. Through the belief in redemptive suffering, the adherents do not require euthanasia and the notion of euthanasia becomes redundant for true believers in Christ. Redemptive suffering in the case of Christ paying the price for sin by giving his life for others.…show more content…
Describe the different variant views on the ethical issue of Euthanasia. When is comes to Euthanasia there are a lot of different opinions among people. The different opinions are based on those for Euthanasia and those against it. Reasons for people supporting Euthanasia is because they want an individual to be able to die in dignity, or even to alleviate the pain they are suffering from. Those against it, believe life is given by God, and he decides when to end it. All Christian Variants are opposed to Euthanasia, as they believe the direct and voluntary killing of human life is wrong. They believe Euthanasia violates the fact that humans are created in Gods image (imagio dei) and only God is able to end someones life. No Christian has the right to terminate life, "for everything there is a reason....a time to be born, and a time to die"(Ecclesiastes
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