Hitler's Role In The Holocaust Museum

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Adam Suraz 08/20/13 Us History Ap Holocaust When a person thinks about the Holocaust, they think about the atrocity’s that happen inside there. The holocaust was when the lives of many Jews were taken. They were torture in camps and killed for no good reason. Adolf Hitler played a huge role in these killings. The Holocaust museums takes the viewer into the life of a Jew during these darker times. Adolph Hitler is probably one of the worst people ever to live. When people talk of evil deeds he is at the top of the list. He was a man of words, and could use them to his advantage. He had an ability to talk and make the Germans believe that the Jews were the reason for the problems in their country; so he gave them the idea to move…show more content…
They were regarded as trash. Another reason the Holocaust museum is an important historical sight is because it shows how brave the Jews were to fight back and not be afraid. Some Jews knowing they would be exterminated choose not to forfeit and die but to escape and hide. Also the Holocaust museum is a Historical sight because of the way it portrays the way life was back then. The Holocaust museum could take you inside the daily life of a Jew during these times. The last reason the Holocaust museum is an Historical sight is because it is similar to the real Holocaust. The information they give you really enlightens you on how bad things were back then. With the role-playing and real life exhibits it shows how hard it was to survive back then. It also shows you real newspapers from back then and how it outlasted the Jews and blamed their problems on them. When one looks for information on the Holocaust they go to the Holocaust museum. It does a great job on portraying the Hardships the Jews had to face in Nazi territories. One can only admire their strength during this. This is why the Holocaust museum is an Historical
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