How Does 9/11 Affect Society

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Introduction The events of September 11th 2001 have cause a major alteration in the world. After 9/11 many countries throughout the world have increased security in airports and country borders, and increased security in main areas of major cities. The biggest consequence of 9/11 however was the USA’s war on terror. The war on terror was started with the objective of recognizing, finding and destroying terrorists, denying sponsorships to terrorist organizations and defending people all over the world from future terrorist attacks. However, the USA’s war on terror has had a negative effect on many countries in the world as well as their own, and their citizens by creating animosity in the international community, causing a downturn in their own economy and their major allies, and ruining their international reputation. War on Terror The War on Terror was a military campaign lead by the USA to destroy terrorist throughout the world. Their largest target being Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden. Other countries that have joined the War on Terror are Japan, Canada, Britain, Australia and Spain. However some countries have pulled out due to terrorist attacks within their own country, which in turn can ruin the USA’s…show more content…
Yes many of these rules are for safety purposes and help make sure that nothing like 9/11 ever happens again, but many people feel that some of the rules they have produced can be very racial and offensive. One major rule is that if you are flying to or within the United States and you have the same first name, last name, or birthday and a known terrorist you will have to go through further inspection before boarding your plane if you are even entitled to board the plane. During the further inspection, police officers will do background checks, and go through every item in your luggage before you are allowed boarding the

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