National Security vs. Personal Liberty Post 9/11

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The devastating tragedy of 9/11 left all of America mourning. The horrific event opened the eyes of Americans, the fact that America was not invincible shocked many. The realization that the country was not undefeatable led to drastic changes. Post 9/11 security was increased, racial profiling became common, and foreigners were misjudged. The threat of terrorist attacks changed American culture immensely; the devastation wakened the need for protection and a sense of security. Dramatic measures were taken in order to protect this country, so foreign relations were severely affected. Post 9/11 government saw the “link between immigration and security”, and that by changing foreign policy it would “reduce the likelihood of future attacks” (Krikorian 567).The safety measure in airports were countless from metal detectors to full body scans. “The immigration system has being penetrated by the enemy”, the officials realized which led to unfair accusation of innocents (Krikorian 568). “Overzealous officials” grill suspicious foreigners “to the point of near panic” (Khan 559). In worst cases, death has occurred Haitians seeking refuge, a man was not allowed to keep his medication while he was put in Krome (Danticant 569). The profiling does not only happen with officials, but many Americans often profile foreigners. Americans heightened suspicion on not only non-Americans, but on Americans with Middle Eastern traits. Americans know “racial profiling is both morally wrong and ineffective”, but they rather be safe than sorry (Chavez 563). Americans only get the idea that all middle easterners are terrorists because media has taken the role of portraying them in such a way to plants terror in Americans (Spurlock). People have gotten to the point of people being “singled out” because of looking certain way or because people around them feel uncomfortable (Chavez 569).

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