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From the Ashes of September 11th Comes Forth a New Nation & United We Stand The acts of terrorism committed on September 11th affected more than just those who lived in the cities that were attacked. Almost every American still hears the echo of the plane hitting the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46 and the South Tower at 9:03. After the Pentagon was attacked at 9:38 the S Tower collapse killing countless people whereas the N tower collapsed at 10:28. Though this country has always been considered a patriotic nation although its patriotic tone has never been widely heard. Despite the many negative aspects of the terrorist attacks, the changes that also came from the attacks will change the way our nation defines the word security. It’s ironic how our enemies in attempts to spread a message of hate and destruction to our nation elevated our country to a level of improvement, which it has never seen. What hours ago once was the two towers stretching a thousand feet to the sky then mountains of debris. From the ashes a life since past, fire and ash cradle new creation, new life and like the Phoenix our nation was reborn into something more magnificent than ever…show more content…
Our nation bowed its head for 2,830 people presumed dead and the 700 bodies found at ground zero and the 189 killed in the Pentagon. After this period of respectful mourning our nation sprung into action as to save the deaths of their loved ones from being in vain. Our nations security was breached on a catastrophic level due to our lack of a superior airport security. Post 9-11 legislation was for the most part based around preventing such an event from ever happening again. The first order of business after the attacks involved a few plans to solve the problems at hand then later more long-term changes were

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