The Influence Of 9/11 On Americans

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What happened on September 11, 2001 has and will always remain a devastating event in American history. It has been the cause of a lot of influences on Americans and our views. When the accident occurred and the planes crashed into the World Trade Center, the entire nation was devastated. The tragedy has had a lot of influences on Americans, both negative and positive. 9/11 has had a huge impact on Americans directly. There were many men, women, and children who died. The amount of death has made many Americans sullen and it has affected the way that we view terrorism. The fact that we were hit in the center of our trade, where no one thought we were vulnerable, still unnerves Americans today. We were attacked when we least expected it, and what's more, the attack, to some, was successful. The attack had major influences on Americans’ spirits. We were in a sense, brought back down to realize the harshness and reality of what had happened. Our national pride has decreased in large part, due to this catastrophic attack.…show more content…
The US’s outlook on terrorism has always been negative. However, after the attack on 9/11, our views on terrorism were taken to a whole other level. After 9/11, the US tightly restricted their policies on terrorism and the penalties involved with it. Prisons became stricter and sentences relating to terrorism became harsher. There were even separate prisons built in more isolated areas which were specifically designed for terrorism offenders. If it weren’t for 9/11, the US would not hold as many strict policies regarding

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