Is War Inevitable

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Many wars have been fought for many hundreds of years. But is it possible to avoid war? Or is it Inevitable? Is it just something that is in human nature, something that can’t be avoided? Without war, our world would be completely different. In this essay, I will decide whether it’s possible to find peace or is war inevitable. Is it possible to avoid war? Hundreds of years of war tell us that maybe it isn’t, but is that because the people are missing something or are reaching for the impossible? War is “armed battle between different nations or states or different groups of people.” So as long as there is a conflict between nations or groups, there will be war? War will always be a part of human nature because there will always be people that are trying to take advantage of other people and whenever you have these people, you need to have people that need to go in and remove them from their power. For every evil force, there must be a balancing good force. Considering an opposite view, most people do want peace. It is just those selfish, greedy people who decide that they want more than what is rightfully theirs. There are also other factors to war but it will always be that the side that attempts to harm as little people as possible, who will be peceived as the ‘good side’. The greedy individuals create fear and anger and feed it into the minds of the people by controlling their emotions and twisting their opinions, for example: Adolf Hitler managed to persuade hundreds of people to dislike Jewish people, friends became enemies, colleagues became strangers. He also fed them images of the ‘perfect German’. This is an example of how people can be trained to do anything just like animals. If people can be trained to accept and fight in wars, they must be able to be trained to also accept peace. But if it only takes one selfish person to persuade hundreds that war

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