Enders Game-the Pros and Cons of War

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War. It is a pretty broad subject, especially in books. In fact, it is what Ender’s Game, written by Orson Scott Card, was written entirely about. But what is war? According to Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, war is described as “a state of hostility, conflict, or antagonism; a state of usual open and declared armed hostile conflict between states or nations; a struggle between opposing forces or for a particular end.” This is a logical explanation, but it brings up a question. Is war all bad? Can’t war have good points as well as bad ones? There are good things, too. You don’t believe me? Here, let me explain to you my opinion. The first question that popped into your head would probably be the question “What could be good about war?” It’s a pretty good question because, most of the time when we think of war we think of shooting and fighting and killing, but if you really think about it, that is not what war is all about. Its really just the tip of the iceberg. What we don’t think about is the fact that most medical and quite a few technological advancements evolved because of war. Another fact is that, although it’s hard to believe, but war makes countries use their resources better, or at least find better ways to use them. Think about it, most countries try to win wars and to do that, you need to be better than the people that you are fighting, so we use our resources better. Another thing, without war, we might not have certain medical advancements at our disposal; such as penicillin, hydrogen peroxide, and antiseptics. Life would be a lot harder if these things had never been created, wouldn’t it? Also, by going to other countries, we can make new ties with new nations economically, politically, and socially as well as gather more history or maybe learn something about other nations and how they use their resources. Another positive aspect of war

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