The First World War Did Not Arise Primarily as a Result of Planned Germany Aggression

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The First World War did not arise primarily as a result of planned Germany aggression. Discuss. The First World War started due to many of reasons, many Historians’, such as Fischer, argue that it could have been down to Germany’s aggression and that Germany had always been planning a war. This is supported by Source two, written by James Joll, which argues that the war did result of planned German aggression. Meanwhile, other Historians, such as Steven Ozment in, sources one, believe the First World War started from various other reasons such as alliances, arms race and all countries just slithered into war. In this essay I will analyse the sources and make a judgement on whether World War I was a result of planned German aggression or due to many other reasons. Firstly, source one completely agrees with the source, that the war did not arise primarily as a result of planned German aggression. “A deliberate German programme to occupy Central Europe came after, not before”. This disagrees with the argument that Fischer states. Fischer states that Germany was planning the war and to occupy Central Europe before the war. Fischer also states that they were planning an offensive war, whilst source one says “which at its beginning was to be a defensive war.” This shows that Germany was resorting to a preventive strike as an attempt to break free from the pressures brought about by diplomatic isolation and the threatening power of Russia. These are both supporting the argument that German aggression didn’t cause World War One. The source carries on to say “…nor anyone else at the time, and a special plan to dominate Europe” This shows an argument that all the countries in Europe ‘slithered into war’. This shows no one in Europe had planned to go to war; all the pressures just added up and ended up in a war. The pressures could include the different alliances at the
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