How Far Was The Cold War An Avoidable Conflict

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How far was the cold war an avoidable conflict Some may argue that the cold war was unavoidable conflict. This is because of many reasons such as the fact that these were two different political systems, which are completely opposite. Another is that there was a history of mistrust between these two countries the Russians never really forgot what happened in 1918 when the west invaded Russia. On the other side there are some actions that, if avoided, maybe would have prevented to the cold war. So for example if the allies in the west did not promise to rebuild Germany and try to stop every country from becoming communist when they threatened to even if it through fair vote (rare as it was). It can be argued that the cold war was an avoidable one. Firstly the Russians were very aggressive in creating a buffer zone and in fact created communist states practically all over Eastern Europe and made much more than a buffer zone and Stalin was at the heart of all these communist political movements and was trying to spread his influence to even Italy and France. This worried the west very much because they thought their very freedom was being threatened but more importantly the more states that became communist the less ttade there was. The west needed trade partners in the east and they couldn’t trade with communist states. And therefore took action in stopping communism as effectively as they could. If Stalin hadn’t had such a want for communist states which obeyed him and more influence in Europe on top of what he already it wouldn’t have been as likely to be a war. There wouldn’t be a spread of communism and the west wouldn’t of had to take action which led to hostility and the cold war. Especially since the conditions in the cold war countries controlled by communism was atrocious. America also didn’t help cold war tensions. The
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