Origins of the Cold War

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1. Explain the origins of the Cold War. The United States and the Soviet Union were uneasy allies; their collaboration was really the result of a mutual fear that the Nazis would gain control over Europe, not based on any ideological commonality. Because of this, after the war was over and the restructuring of Europe began, a power struggle developed between the Soviet Union (who wanted Germany to be Communist) and the United States and Britain (who wanted democratic rule.) However, you shouldn't make the assumption that devotion to ideology was all that was behind Cold War animosity; countries tend to be more complaint trading partners with countries that share their political systems and both Stalin and the Cold War Era presidents in the US knew this. The tension eventually built, but no one wanted to go to actual war again after the colossal massacre of WWII, hence the term Cold War. 2. Describe and explain the ideological differences between the United Stated and the Soviet Union. In 1917, Russia became a communist country with an agenda of converting the world to communism. The United States, however, was a capitalist country, and was against turning communist, and the two superpowers have had a shaky stalemate ever since. Even with the development of nuclear weapons, they have both known that if either of them were to fire them, the other would have to retaliate, resulting in catastrophic destruction on a continental, if not global scale. Communism is basically the belief that the government should be in control of everything, and Capitalism is the complete opposite, with the belief that the country’s trade and industry should be controlled by their own respective owners for private profit. 3. Describe and explain the Truman Doctrine and the policy of containment. The Truman Doctrine was a speech given by President Harry Truman on March 12,
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