What Cause the High Tension Between Usa and Ussr During Cold War

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The Cold War is a war without guns and bombs amongst the Allies during 1945 to 1991, after World War Two. As the common enemy Germany and Japan were defeated, the balance between allies was no longer be there and a high level of tension was brought by the end of the war. USA and the USSR were the major two parties in the Cold War, their arguments were based on their different political opinions, which is capitalism and communism and it was the disagreement with each other caused the high level of tension between the Allies by the end of World War Two. The main difference between USA and the USSR is that they have a different point of view of politics. The USSR was a communist country and the USA is a capitalist country, just like China and USA now. excellent In a communist society, there should not be any differences between everyone, everyone is equal; however, in a capitalist country, there is a very strict classes between the rich and poor. Communist countries think capitalist countries are cruel and inhumane while capitalist countries think the communist countries are low level and useless. maybe a little harsh!!! Because of the disagreement with the foundation of a countries’ structure, the USA and the USSR were strange bedfellows during the Second World War. Their alliance was purely strategic. The underlying differences between the supreme capitalist nation (the USA) and the original communist state (the USSR) were bound to re-emerge once Germany and Japan had been defeated. Both of the Superpowers saw each other as a threat to its continued survival and adopted strategies to preserve their positions, which brought a high level of tension after World War 2. At the final stage of World War Two, it was quite clear that the Allies would get the final victory, so in February 1945, Stalin (USSR), Churchill (UK) and Roosevelt (USA) met at Yalta to discuss
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